Vegetarian Carnivores?

I’ve been reading some posts regarding feeding dogs and cats vegetarian diets. Regardless of the pure abandonment of biology that this movement necessitates, the larger point I see is the hypocrisy. So, yes, I’m being bold in this one. When I look at the websites and talk to people who have chosen to change their dogs (or worse yet, cats)… Read more →

Trifexis – interview application

I’ve spoken to veterinary offices, people in pet stores, and friends in “the business” who all have different opinions about the safety of the treatments prescribed by vets for heartworm, flea and worm “prevention”. A big hot topic is the drug Trifexis. One of the things I think is important to do in order to educate ourselves is to separate… Read more →

“Spent Hen” Dinner

With so many aspects to take in from the latest ingredients definition AAFCO meeting I listened to on Tuesday August 4th, I’ have to say one subject that really caught my attention was the poultry by-product definition. I found myself having a new understanding of the problem we face as pet owners who are opposed to poisoning our animals through… Read more →

Does this seem o.k. to you?

I think I’ve just been a Dog Snob too long to really know what other people see anymore. I came across an ad in my local paper for a low cost spay and neuter hosted by Pasado’s Safe Haven. The ad stated that in addition to the low cost spay and neuters, “additional services of flea control and vaccines [were]… Read more →

Make it Routine

Sometimes it’s the little things we learn that can make a big difference in our dog’s lives. I almost skipped the July 22nd newsletter of the day from Dr. Karen Becker. (or whomever is putting out the e-mails for her these days) Many of the titles that come through my e-mail box are a bit dramatic and I sometimes get… Read more →